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    Raspberry Pi Project Overview

    Illinois IT Learning Exchange


    2017 Raspberry Pi Student Application Challenge

    April 29, 2017
    11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    Illinois Institute of Technology
    McCormick Tribune Campus Center Ballroom

    We invite high school student teams to demonstrate an application they have built, using a Raspberry Pi and peripherals! The student team must demonstrate the end result of their created technology. The Illinois IT Learning Exchange will select 30 student teams to showcase their completed application on Saturday, April 29, 2017, at Illinois Institute of Technology.

    Interested student teams must register and submit a 1 minute YouTube video by 5 p.m. on February 15, 2017 describing the application they will build and demonstrate. We will announce student team finalists on March 1, 2017 via email.

    At the BUILD IT showcasing event a panel of volunteer judges will evaluate and score each student team's demonstrated application. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning teams. All student teams will receive a Certificate of Achievement for participating, as well as a gift bag of goodies.

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    BUILD IT: 2017 Raspberry Pi Student Application Challenge.

    For additional information, contact
    Creating IT Futures Foundation
    Joan Matz -  
    3500 Lacey Road, Suite 100  I  Downers Grove, IL 60515  I  630-678-8445

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    General Rules (Please read all rules carefully.)

    Team Composition and Eligibility Criteria:

    • Illinois high school students in grades 9th through 12th are eligible.
    • Student teams should consist of two to four team members only.
    • Entry to the challenge is free, but student teams are required to obtain their own Raspberry pi and peripheral equipment to participate.
    • Although each student team must have a teacher or school staff member sponsor them, no teacher, school staff member or other professional assistance is allowed to participate in the building process.

    Entering the Challenge:

    There are three main components to apply:

    1. Teacher/school staff sponsors must register their student team online at:
    2. Student teams must create a 1 minute YouTube video that describes their project, include all team members, team name, grade(s), and high school. Submit the YouTube video link via email to:
    3. Submit a signed CONTENT RELEASE FORM for each participant via email to:

    The above three requirements must be submitted by February 15, 2017 at 5 p.m. CST in order to participate.

    • Each student team must review all student challenge documents
    • Each student team may not spend more than $500 on project materials
    • Each entry should be the sole original work of the student team submitting
    • Each entry must not infringe on the privacy rights or any other rights of any person

    Finalist Selection:

    By March 1, 2017, the Illinois IT Learning Exchange will evaluate submitted YouTube videos for complete registrations and select 30 finalist teams to compete April 29, 2017, at Illinois Institute of Technology.

    Intermediate Touchpoint – NEW for 2017:

    We'll be adding an additional touchpoint this year, to be sure teams are making progress. We'll require a 2-3 minute YouTube video of your application two weeks before the showcasing event, so it will be due on April 10, 2017 via email to: This video should include your team's pitch addressing the application components below. That video will be added to others, in the order received, and will be shown at the competition in a "looping" mode. We will also make the videos available to the judging teams, so they can review the applications beforehand and be prepared for more targeted questions.

    It isn't required that the application be totally completed by that time, but it should be very close, and you can address what is not yet complete if applicable.

    Finalist Showcasing Event:

    At the showcase event on April 29, 2017 team finalists must:

    • Bring their completed project
    • Demonstrate their completed project to judges within a 5-minute timeframe (Each project will be judged by multiple judges)
    • Respond to any additional questioning from volunteer judges
    • No handouts or written materials are allowed to be passed out to the judges as part of the demonstration
    • At least one student team member and team sponsor must be present at the showcase event, however, we strongly encourage all student team members to attend

    Finalist Teams must be prepared to answer the following sample questions:

    • Application Components:
      • Provide a brief description of the application
      • Identify the target audience (who would use the application)?
      • What is the benefit for the target audience?
    • Identify all required hardware (must be based on a Raspberry Pi and peripherals) and software
    • components used to deliver this application and their cost.
    • Identify any data sources you need and how you would access them.
    • Identify how you would "market" this application.


    • Each team member and teacher/school staff sponsor receives a certificate of participation - Please be sure to include all student names on the registration survey.
    • 1st place student team members will receive a team trophy and a reserved spot for their choice of any 1 week long Illinois Tech summer camp at the Chicago or Wheaton locations. Students that are not able to attend the Illinois Tech summer camp will be given the option to attend a similar summer camp of their choosing not to exceed a $350 per student limit.
    • 2nd place team members will receive a one-day tech experience with an Illinois Tech professor.
    • 3rd place team members will receive Amazon Fire Tablets.

    Student Challenge Questions or Clarifications:

    • Questions and Clarification requests may be submitted to by February 5, 2017 no later than 5 p.m. CST.
    • Questions and Clarification requests that are deemed appropriate will be posted for all participants to review on this web page no later than February 10, 2017.

    Key Date Summary:

    Complete registration submittedFebruary 15, 2017
    Notification of selected teamsMarch 1, 2017
    Intermediate TouchpointApril 10, 2017
    BUILD IT CompetitionApril 29, 2017

    For additional information, contact
    Creating IT Futures Foundation
    Joan Matz -  
    3500 Lacey Road, Suite 100  I  Downers Grove, IL 60515  I  630-678-8445

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